The banned articles of C.Gordon Tether (signed by Gordon)


It well knowned, Gordon Tether was a defender of freedom press, he had baddy moments in order to publishing the Lombard column, this book or could say pamphlet contains many articles during decade 70’s in order to England, the empire as a pure facade, rule britannia’s victims of the dates of yore, marketing from britain government in order to entry in the European Union club as a fanfare, the crisis in the world and more brits enterprises are neccesary in order to risen up local economy. Home-rule and defies scots & welsh.
Relationship between USA and Russia in reference to ruling the world in order subjects, Nixon could be puppet by Rockefeller and a new star in the firmament brits politicians as Thatcher, Tories and new ideas in order to dangerous things, extremist ideas in our horizon. Besides phalacy European Union in food policies, no more aid programs to poor countries in reference to crisis in the development world and disaster common agriculture policy. Besides European Union Club could be a leviathan where MP could be a puppet from Brussels and bye bye sovereign. More secret clubs as Bilderberg and dancing citizens as puppets from Dutch monarchy and secrecy pow-wows in order to summary.
Meanwhile the women rule more than headlines as Woman of the Year. A big one step forward in a machism world. A long running struggle. Great comments in order to russian writer Mr. Solzhenitsyn and tug of war with occidental press. The bias against left ideas, they could be a demon army. We need adequate accesos to information besides new politicians must be created from citizens. Problems countries as India and third world in the horizons. No rosy days from now on.
A great document of a past time where our countries are a changing in a snail pace more than we thinking about it. A puzzle of different sizes pieces. President Wilson write «some of the biggest in the US in the fields of commerce and manufacturing know that there is a power so organised, so subtle, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak about their breath when they speak in comdenation of it»…
You can see perils in the horizon when a magazine could be used as propaganda, it was in order to magazine «which» where readers have lots of articles of European Union, unfortunately mass media are a vehicle biased and a buzzword in the present is «censorship»
Quoting to Tether «we should surely also be able to see that what the poor countries are asking for is far from being excessive when we remember how much better off we are than most of them. In other words there is a plenty of room here for a policy that deliberately sets out to give more than it takes».
A great present to Bilderberg writer from Spain as Cristina Martín Jiménez, she’s an expert about secrecy club and better human being perhaps a defender and badge-woman of free journalist and I an unbeliever, and a thing is sure, item is a perfect document of our history to her from a friend in the UK. Thanks Tim.
Cristina enjoy it!.
This pamphlet must be read and according to words by Lord Goodman «the right to write is so fundamental that nothing should be allowed to interfere with it». It could be a paradox or a sentence from the days of yore.

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