We on unemployment by Ramón Fernández ( Chapter II )

Our friend has a set of questions without a clear answer and quoting to Bob Dylan minstrel «the answer’s blowing in the wind» whether you’ve a got a little of spare time you can be read it.

We on Unemployment — Chapter II
First of all, thanks to all readers , friends for all comments about my article, all opinions are cool in order to real discussion and it’s a simple link in order to promoting a debate
A thing is sure we’re living on a alarm situation or it could be saving a tragical situation. When I began to writing about it, no news in order to speculation rife or irregular payments from renowned members by Popular Party , the government party, I don’t know whether are evidences trues or falses, to my way of thinking is true and we must be waiting last sentence from Justice , then I’m crying out.

1-Why Judges & General Attorney are axe in a long way process?
2- It’s so complex in order to knowning the Truth
3-Justice is a link and very keen on to finding the real Truth
4-Why ?
5-Someone’s throwing stones in the pave?
6-Common opinion’s all characters in the process are liars
7-Which’s matters from politicians?
8-Perhaps we’re weak up and burn up real frustration from population.

All comments are goodie received and we must be trusting on Justice , no blind woman
Ramón Fernández @ramonfmfl

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