We on unemployment by Ramón Fernández

We on unemployment by Ramón Fernández
It´s well known my country is suffering sadly days and my name is David a madrilenian nearest to 42 years old on march and I agreed with article by Ramón Fernández from Ourense, Galicia, a friend, a sadly evidence all companies, at least in Spain only enrolling workers until 35 years old, when you´ve tresspassing these lane in labour field you can be as a “jew” when they were victims of the society and marking a terrific yellow star with them. My only goal is taking conscienceand all the best to my buddy Ramón and lots of millions around the world as me.
Yup, unemployee, no on dole, we oldest folks after 50 years ,we´re nervous citizens and a sack of problems, preoccupations without an employment and I´m writing my commentaries.I read an article from a famous spanish journal with a tittle as “getting grey and no employment” around a million of citizens around 50 years without a work, a lack of future is a bomb to society. It´s opinion accoding to experts.
Asking to myself.
1- who are experts?
2- experts, please gimme more details about fields of knowledge?
3-this committee, they´re victims of the unemployment?
4-where you can see economic sages?
5-where you can be seeing the culprits of the crisis?
6-No culprit around the world

Well I won´t world or european culprit and I´m living in Spain and looking for spanish culprits and our ratio is possible in order to looking for culprits and no politicians or ceo´s or unions, only culprit in the spanish society, we, when in a democracy act culprit in order to reliying on them and I can say government,unions and ceo´s and government, why? They only promises and in
order to implement the promises, a sack of lies and playing with lots of illusions from the citizens, unfortunately millions of spaniards were victims of impeachment, they shall work for the future of this country and more promises as a magician with rabbish from the hat and blooding this wonderful country and population without blood in veins after more 30 working years, a thing is sadly, our “faith” in the politician of this country, political parties due to a few liars, it´s a smoothy way to write and no more words to them.

The next steps, Unions, yup, aka “defenders of the worker-class”, I think so in order to “motto´s” in strikes and lampoons and they´re sages in order to taking a look yourself his navel and sometimes “fiesta”. I don´t believe them less government.

In reference with Ceo´s Commitees, entrepeneur in corporations, booming firms, they´re sailing on crisis, leaving lots of employees on shore in order to booming economy to future times , economy of who?, lots of ERE´s (employment regulations records) and lots of profits to the firms, in order to these economies and taking my “logic” and thoughts contrary to economic regulations from them.
Besides Pymes (familiar and middle business) they´re victims of the corporations under cape of them and ruling economic rates to small business, familiar and small firms, a sack of tears, target of government rules are taxes, corporations and unions with forgotten thoughts
Autonomos (workers with a proper regulation and working to myself and paying tax to State) they´re victims from abandon and similar to unemployments

All my comments is on fire and a motto´s ready to political party, a question, why in a politician gathering, this association´s a party, it could be a clearest message
Party. Quoting Royal Academy of Spain (Real Academia de la Lengua) 1- Adj Splitting with others,Generous
Understanding the “power division between politician no only power besides preferent acts deleting things in order to possible hurts to honest politicians”
Well , reading in order to more one millions of unemployments after 50 years old, European Comission gives explanations to Spaniard government on july 2012 (a recommendation) a strategy to fostering employ in this population with stricted rules and where you can be seeing the rules from the goverment? Nothing and whether you´re asking about it I know the answer , we´re design a comission to implement different rules, a buzzword is nothing
Finally and according to an expert from psychology, they´re a social bomb, I ask, who´s programming the watch to detonation? And why we´re sleeping, no social turmoils in order to leaders to rule what we must say , unfortunately I´m a sage and no profound knowledge and longing for to bell ring for a man as a “saviour” and social turmoil on the streets. I´m a sand grain and lots of them spreading a beach. We´re axe of this country and alive besides our work and experience throught years around us and we can leave all our efforts steal. We need working due to our country (Spain) has a vast experience in a human capital in hardest times, we´re ready to suffering in a job and getting profits and only culprit of the welfare state what we´ve enjoyed and being steal from politicians with a set of lies
Longing for the bell ring, the united bell (covenant) in the goodies and baddies times
Thanks to all in order to reading my comments and I feel bad with the society , I´ve got labour experience and I won´t be bereaves due to aging rule and a solid rock from my politicians without feelings and looking at the other side of the society. Besides we´ve arguments and must be looking for social gatherings and expose ideas to society
warmest wishes
Ramón Fernández @ramonfmfl

2 pensamientos en “We on unemployment by Ramón Fernández

  1. David,solo puedo decir: OLE¡¡¡Es lo que nos queda..o bien empezar a movilizarnos ya de alguna forma,lo que esta mas que claro es que esto no puede seguir asi un minuto mas.
    Una reflexión mas.
    Art.35/ 1 de la Constitución Española.
    Todos los españoles tienen el deber de trabajar y EL DERECHO AL TRABAJO,…….. A la promoción a traves del trabajo y a una REMUNERACIÓN SUFICIENTE para satisfacer sus necesidades y las de la familia,sin que en ningún caso pueda hacerse discriminación por razón de sexo.
    ¿El gobierno cumple la Constitución? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO¡¡¡¡¡
    ¿Porque entonces yo debo de cumplir con mis deberes y obligaciones?

    • Sin duda tienes toda la razón y la comparto completamente pero ya sabes que en España en muchos aspectos somos especiales, pero al menos en la medida de lo posible damos un escaparate de lo que sucede y liberamos tensiones, que en los tiempos que corren no es poco


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